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We supply a wide range of hydraulic cylinders with premium quality.

ABOUT AISOAR 22 years family owned business Your reliable hydraulic partner

Aisoar Hydraulics is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power pack units, hydraulic testing machine and hydraulic components. We can supply a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, include tie rod cylinders, welded cylinders, single acting and double acting cylinders. Moreover, we can also customize hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, sizes and configurations.

Aisoar Hydraulics are mostly exported to Europe and North America, monthly production of hydraulic cylinders capacity is over 30,000 pcs.

Today Aisoar Hydraulics has 130 long term contracted workers specialized in hydraulics, our monthly production of hydraulic cylinders capacity is over 30,000 pcs. Our products are mostly exported to Europe and North America.

More About AISOAR

The Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer and Supplier in China

We value our business and our hydraulics like our children

22 years family owned businesss

As a family owned business for generations, we are serious about our cylinders, and we take customers' needs seriously.

Over 30,000 pcs Production capacity

We have 186 sets of processing equipment, including 30 sets of turning and milling compound centers of Mazac and Dawei, etc.

Customized service from scratch to batch

For customized hydraulic cylinders, huge-size orders are preferred, mid-size batch orders are fully supported, and small orders are acceptable for long-term customers.

Lean Production Management

Lean production & information management are implemented the overall process, with substantial systems for documentation, traceability, and data transparency.


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