OEM Customized Hydraulic Cylinder

AiSoar specialize in providing custom   hydraulic cylinders to meet each client’s exact specifications.  Our range of hydraulic cylinders includes custom welded designs, tie rod designs, double acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders and electric cylinder.  AiSoar ensures you get the best design, performance and value for your application.

AiSoar using an array of proven design methods and advanced manufacturing equipment;Using a PLM system to handle CAD, 3D drawings, and technical data to customize hydraulic cylinder. In addition, our experienced sales staff are able to quickly understand your ideas and solve any problems you have with hydraulic cylinders experienced.

OEM Customized Hydraulic Cylinder

OEM Custom Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Aisoar Hydraulics customizes hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, sizes, and

OEM Customized Hydraulic Cylinder


Aisoar Hydraulics customizes tie rod hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, siz

OEM Customized Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Trailer Jack

AiSoar hydrualic jack is a double-acting hydraulic cylinder ensures efficient operation in both directions, while guide bearings e

OEM Customized Hydraulic Cylinder

Electric Cylinders

Electric cylinder, also known as "Linear Actuator," provides accurate linear motion control using electric motors instead of hydra

OEM Customized Hydraulic Cylinder

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Aisoar Hydraulics customizes hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, sizes, and

AiSoar Hydraulics Provides Custom Hydraulic Cylinder 
With advanced technological software and enhanced engineering capabilities, custom hydraulic cylinders may be the best option for your mobile and industrial machinery needs. While standard cylinders can accommodate most requirements, there are often issues not addressed with standard cylinders. Design and engineering factor into how well your hydraulics can adapt and perform reliably.

Cylinder Style Welded/ Tie-Rod/ Displacement/ Double rod/ Telescopic /Re-phasing
Electrical Options Integrated sensors / Limit and pressure switches
Integrated Valve Options Counterbalance/ Pilot operated check /Thermal relief protection /Solenoid Control/ Velocity fused
Hydraulic Cushions Rod and base cushions/ Integrated free return flow check/ Fixed and adjustable/ Progressive deceleration profiles

AiSoar Hydraulics More Than 20 Experience In Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

1.Ideal Designing
Experienced in non-standard design, with the option of cast or forged part technology, and with the aid of 3D technology for design checks. The designing drawing would get your approval before production.

2.Good stable machining process
Experienced in non-standard processing with over 200 units of advanced processing equipment and skilled operators. The machining process would be established in our MES system to make sure each processing and inspection are under well control and record.

3.Strictly inspecting process
Complete quality control system to ensure that the finished product is in full compliance with the drawings, including dimensions and performance.

4.High educated and professional staff
Certified welders follow stringent protocols to assures our weld integrity is superior, as well as our good welding machines, which are importing from Japan on the brand of Panasonic.



How to customize a hydraulic cylinder to meet your requirements?

Hydraulic Cylinder Selection Steps:
First, the initial selection of hydraulic pressure
Second, the initial selection of cylinder diameter, rod diameter and the selected stroke
Third, installation style of hydraulic cylinders

Mounting Types Clevis •Cross-tube •Flange •Tang •Trunnion •Spherical bushings •Foot mount
Dimensions Bore size, Piston rod, Stroke, Installation dimension retracted, Sample drawing/ draft
Load Specifications Operating Pressure, Approx. Load
Application Machine/ type, Used medium, Operating temperature, Installation Position
Further Requirements It would be great if you could provide us with drawings.

Above can be selected hydraulic cylinder series, such as the standard hydraulic cylinder does not meet, that is, non-standard hydraulic cylinder.
Non-standard hydraulic cylinder is divided into the standard cylinder to do small modifications (small quantities can be accepted), or full non-standard.

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