Aisoar hydraulics customizes tie rod hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, sizes and configurations. We also excel in fully supporting small & middle sized customers to help them grow.

Aisoar hydraulics customizes tie rod hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, sizes and configurations. We also excel in fully supporting small & middle sized customers to help them grow. 

Custom Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders Overview:

AiSoar offers custom tie rod hydraulic cylinders, ranging in bore size from 1 to 5 inches, stroke from 0.25 to 120 inches with pressure rating from 200PSI to 3000PSI. AiSoar provides the custom tie rod hydraulic cylinder with mounting options, integrated valve options, pressure& temperature options, metric and inches size options. All standard ISO mountings are available.

As tie-rod cylinders don't need to be welded, so there is no limit on the material, we can use cast iron, cast steel and forged steel material for different operating pressure. We can make mode for cover and other component to save cost.

Basic Concept:
Understanding the basic concept well helps us design a custom cylinder that can meet your specific application.

  • Cylinder Application: Function and operating conditions of cylinder and overall machine.
  • Force/load: the force exerted. Do I need the cylinder to push, pull or both? The force required determines bore size as it is relative to operating pressure.
  • Cylinder type: Cylinder Construction Types, Structure of cylinder. 
  • Mounting type: How do you mount a hydraulic cylinder? Mounting types include base mount and rod mount.
  • System Operating Pressure (psi): Maximum pressure of cylinder.
  • Fluid Type: Category of hydraulic fluid supplied to the cylinders.
  • Temperature: Customization should consider environmental factors and weather extremes.
  • Move Speed: The speed of retracted and extended piston rod.
  • Stop tubing: Can increase the distance between the rod and piston bearings, improve stability and enhance piston bearing shelf life. 

Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinders Material:

 ≤1000 PSI ≥1000 PSI ≤ 3000PSI
Cover& Cap Cast Iron HT200 Cast Iron(QT450,QT500), C1045 Steel Forged
Tie rods C1025 Steel C1045 steel with tempering
Piston Cast Iron HT200 Cast Iron(QT450,QT500), C1045 steel
Attachment of rod ends Cast Iron HT200 Cast Iron(QT450,QT500), Forged, C1045 steel

Here are two ways that we design and make custom tie rod hydraulic cylinders:

1)Do simple adjustments based on the standard styles
We have standard tie rod hydraulic cylinders withstand the pressure 3Mpa, 7Mpa, 14Mpa, and 21Mpa. We just make a few slight modifications based on our modular standard elements, it's the most high cost-effectively way to suit your reqirement of specific application. For example, adjust the oil port style, with cushion, rod ends threaded with attachment, with proximity switch, steeless tube with magnetic function. You should print the drawing of standard styles, and then write down the adjustments. Show us the drawing, then you can get a free quotation.

2)Customize hydraulic cylinders completely.

To choose materials and configurations to meet your exact application and performance requirements perfectly. If you have the drawing or sample on hand, we can customize hydraulic cylinders completely based on your drawing or sample. The components will be machined for small size order, but for big size order, components of cylinder can be made mold to save cost.

Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinders Guide:

Firstly, you should determine the technical parameter first: bore size, rod size, stroke, working pressure, required force (Column Load). It is greatly useful if you can tell us the application of cylinders, complete this form and return by email [email protected]. If you prefer, provide contact information on this page and follow with your cylinder print.

Secondly, you should select the proper mounting types for rod ends and base ends that can meet your application demands. Consider the space requirements and how the load function.

Tie Rod Extended

Head Flange

Cap Flange

Intermediate Fixed Trunnion

Head Trunnion

Side Lugs

Side End Angles

Cap Eye

Cap Clevis

Spherical Eye

Female Rod Clevis

Double Rods

AiSoar custom hydraulic cylinder is your best choice.  

You can confidently start your custom cylinder design with us for four reasons.

1. We are a family owned company with a full staff of engineering, production, quality control, sales and customer service departments. Our factory covers an area of 13,000 square meters with modern standard workshops and more than 200 sets of cutting edge equipment.

2. We have more than 20 years' experience on designing and manufacturing custom hydraulic cylinders. Our development has been spent a lot of time and effort in organizing standardized modules and standardizing process flow. Now we have modular standard elements, we use PLM system to manage the drawings; we use MES system for documentation, traceability, and data transparency.

3. Short run production for custom cylinders, even just at 1 pc are fully supported. By standardizing and optimizing components' specifications, we can integrate resources and apply to different customers' orders. By doing this, even when an individual purchase order is not in large scale, components' cost can still enjoy a much lower rate.

4. We take care our cylinders as our children. We manufacture all our parts in-house and hence the quality of hydraulic cylinders is super good. Before assembly, we do clean all the parts by high pressure cleaning machine, and we do flushing before testing. Each cylinder would be gone through the testing procedure before packaging to make sure there is no Internal/external seal leakage with the cylinder. Paint with primer first before the main paint to make sure the cylinders looks perfect. 

We'd love to hear from you! Please get in contact to start a conversation about your cylinders' requirements.


A: What's the MOQ of customized tie-rod cylinder?
Q: Depends on the style of tie-rod. We would like to cast and forge once the quantity above 100 pcs.

A: What's the lead time of customized tie-rod cylinder?
Q: Well, it depends on the quantity and style of hydrualic cylinders, at least 60 days if we make casting and forging, at least 35 days by maching. 

A: Are you the manufacturer of hydrualic cylinder?
Q: Sure, we are the manufacutuer and trading of hydraulic cylinder.

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