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    I have a sample on hand, how do i know what size?

    Measure the outer diameter of the cylinder, then measure the length between pin holes (with center rod pushed all the way in to the cylinder) to get the approximate push/pull length, then measure the diameter of the push/pull rod, if have pin in attachment points measure diameter of pin (usually 3/4 inch or 1 inch diameter).

    This will give you a reading of something like (cylinder (3 inch inside) for 3 1/4 inch outside, type of attachment points and size of pins, then overall push/pull length (50 inches). cylinder may be 3 inch cylinder, 1 inch pins, 50 inch overall, and maybe then can choose different lifting/pull/push weights like 5000 pounds etc. this is only an example of cylinder measurements, can be bigger, smaller, shorter, less weight capacity, etc. 

    Hope this helps you out.

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    How do I know what size to order? 

    Four ways. 1) Send us the drawing if you have; 2) Measure the size of sample if you have; 3) Send us a sample if possible; 4) Look closely at the chart, the retracted length must match what you have, the extended length may very a little. The rod size is the shaft that moves in and out, you can see and measure that, the bore is the inside of main housing that you can’t see or measure unless it’s apart. Order mainly by length not bore and stroke, then get rod size as close as you can, and the bore size should work out right.

  • Double-Acting – have a port at each end, supplied with hydraulic fluid for both the retraction and extension.

    Single-Acting – hydraulic fluid enters through a port at one end of the cylinder, which extends the rod by means of area difference. An external force or gravity returns the piston rod.

  • Yes! We understand the quality test is important and we are glad to make the sample for you. The MOQ is 1 pcs.

  • Red, black, others as required.

  • Yes! Package and logo will be made according to your requirements. 

  • Yes, we have Strict Quality Control System from Raw Material to the final finished products to customer. The 6S and ERP management systems are rigidly implemented throughout our whole company. Our factory is a ISO9001 and CE certified manufacturer.

  • You can tell me your specifications, we can choose the best model for you. We also have some regular models for you to choose from. You can also provide the product drawings, sizes, photographs, we can design the appropriate cylinder for you according to your requirements.

  • Honed steel,precision finished for extended seal life.

  • We have our own design team and will develop new styles every quarter.And we have high quality raw material factory.

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