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Aisoar Hydraulics is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power pack units, and testing machine. We are willing to provide the one-stop service for you, our products have been widely used in agricultural equipment, trailers, metal fabrication, waste and recycling equipment, and other fields. Aisoar hydraulics, which are mostly exported to Europe and North America, have earned great reputations for superior quality and high performance.

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OEM Custom Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Aisoar Hydraulics customizes hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, sizes, and

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Aisoar Hydraulics customizes tie rod hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, siz

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China Hydraulic Test Bench Manufacturers and Suppliers

AiSoar Hydraulics provides standard hydraulic testing machines and customized hydraulic test benches to meet customers' specific r

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OEM Hydraulic Testing Machine

AiSoar Hydraulics provides hydraulic testing machines, such as hydraulic cylinder testers. This hydraulic testing machine is quite

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AiSoar offers customized hydraulic systems along with hydraulic cylinders. We can design and build the complete hydraulic system,

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AiSoar provides a wide range of DC compact power units and AC compact power units, including vehicle-mounted or portable, horizont

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High Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Tester

The hydraulic tester is quite useful for the manufacture of hydraulic products or the supplier of hydraulic maintenance. For the m

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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used in hydraulic drive systems and can be hydrostatic or hydrodynamic. A hydraulic pump is a mechanical sourc

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Honed Hydraulic Piston Rod For Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders work by using hydraulic fluid (usually oil) to create pressure. There is a piston rod that is connected to a p

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Good Price Seamless Carbon Steel Piston Tube For Hydraulic Cylinder

Cylinder tubes are simply metal collars or tubes that are placed around a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder's rod between the piston

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Spherical Rod Eye

Spherical rod eye was ordered to fit piston rod thread size.

The Quality Hydraulic Cylinders and Power Units Manufacturer and Supplier in China

We are quite capable of supplying hydraulic cylindershydraulic power units, and valves because we have an experienced engineering team comprised of over 10+ engineers, including hydraulic engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers. That is a dream team, so we can work together to get to know our customers well and then work out perfect hydraulic solutions to meet different requirements.

Business Scope:

Whole sets of hydraulics include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units, hydraulic valves, electrical control boxes, wireless remote controls, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic connectors and etc.


AiSoar hydraulics supply the quality hydraulics at a low cost. Quality is first, but price is also very important, so we make good-quality hydraulics and try our best to control the cost. Build the hydraulics efficiently and cost-effectively; that is our mission

How to do that?

Firstly, we need to talk with our customers, understand the application information of hydraulics, the type of equipment, the installed position, and the frequency at which the hydraulics work, and then design the hydraulics accordingly. Our engineer will make the designs just right for the application, then we turn back to our customers, explain our design fully, and include the materials, structure, and sizes. Finally, our skilled workers built them out.

While implementing rigid quality standards and control on raw materials, the key to cost control for us is to use standardization and large-scale production. With the overall scale effect, raw material costs can be at their lowest, production efficiency is at its highest, and labor costs are better controlled. In addition, standardization enables higher cost efficiency. By standardizing and optimizing components' specifications, we can integrate resources and apply them to different customers' orders. By doing this, even when an individual purchase order is not on a large scale, components' costs can still be enjoyed at a much lower rate. In other words, this enables mid-sized orders to enjoy lower production prices.

We know hydraulics well, and our standardization is well implemented, so we are capable of making quotations quickly. We can customize hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' needs. We also excel at fully supporting small and medium-sized customers and helping them grow. Ongoing support is provided for you.


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