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Standard Hydraulic Top Link With Ball Joint Drawing


Standard Hydraullic Top Link With Ball Joint Overview:

 A standard hydraulic top link with a ball joint is an essential component in agricultural and industrial machinery. Its primary function is to provide adjustable linkage between a tractor (or similar machinery) and the attached implement, using hydraulic power to extend or retract as needed. The ball joint allows for flexibility and multi-directional movement.

Standard Hydraullic Top Link With Ball Joint Characteristics:

 The top link uses hydraulic fluid under pressure to move the piston within the cylinder, facilitating adjustments in the link's length. Ball Joint Ends provide a swiveling connection point, ensuring a wide range of motion and reducing stress on the link during operational movements. Robust Construction typically made from high-grade steel or similar materials, these links are designed to endure high loads and tough conditions. Some integrated valvesmodels come with built-in safety or control valves to regulate the hydraulic pressure and ensure smooth operation.

Standard Hydraullic Top Link With Ball Joint Application:

They are extensively used in farming for connecting tractors to various implements such as plows, harrows, seeders, and mowers. The ability to adjust the angle and height of the implement in real-time can be crucial for optimal performance. In some scenarios, these hydraulic top links might be employed in construction machinery, especially where adjustable linkage between machines is necessary. For tasks like grading, leveling, or tilling, adjustable top links can be advantageous, allowing for precise control of implements.

Standard Hydraulic Top Link With Ball Joint Drawing

We can check the main sizes in below drawing

50 256 60 30 19.3 60 44 G3/8
50 266 60 30 25.4 60 51 G3/8
60 280 70 35 25.4 65 51 G3/8
80 301 95 40 25.4 70 51 G3/8

Data Table

Here we can see importants dimensional datas for Top Link cylinders

Order Code ΦA ΦC ΦB Zstroke E+Zstroke ΦD S Vol(liter)
WTL-FE50×30×160-416 50 30 60 160 416 19.3 60 0.32
WTL-FE50×30×210-466 210 466 19.3 60 0.42
WTL-FE50× 30×280-536 280 536 19.3 60 0.56
WTL-FE50×30×400-656 400 656 19.3 60 0.8
WTL-FE50×30×160-426 160 426 25.4 65 0.32
WTL-FE50×30×210-476 210 476 25.4 65 0.42
WTL-FE50×30×280-546 280 546 25.4 65 0.56
WTL-FE50×30×400-666 400 666 25.4 65 0.8
WTL-FE60×35×160-440 60 35 70 160 440 25.4 65 0.48
WTL-FE60×35×210-490 210 490 25.4 65 0.63
WTL-FE60×35×280-560 280 560 25.4 65 0.84
WTL-FE60×35×400-680 400 680 25.4 65 1.2
WTL-FE80×40×160-461 80 40 90 160 461 25.4 70 0.9
WTL-FE80×40×210-511 210 511 25.4 70 1.2
WTL-FE80×40×280-581 280 581 25.4 70 1.6
WTL-FE80×40×400-701 400 701 25.4 70 2.2






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We Always Use Good Quality Material For Our Top Link Cylinders

  • Working pressure: 180 bars.
  • Speed: 0.5 m/s.
  • Working temperature: -25ºC - +80ºC.
  • Oil: Mineral oil.
  • Rod: C45 f7 25 microns.
  • Tube: C1020, H9.
  • GLAND:C1045 Steel.
  • PISTON:C1045 Steel.
  • PORTS:G3/8
  • Valve: Twin-type non-return valve
  • SEALS:Hallite.
  • PAINT:Black(STD), color and other custom colors are available.

Production Processes

How We Produce Top Link Hydraulic Cylinders


Machined by turning and milling compound centers of Mazac and Dawei, the tolerance and accuracy of each parts will be good and stable.



Welded by automatic welding machines and mechanical arm, results our good welding quality.



Each parts of the cylinder, will be cleaned by Ultrasonic cleaner.



AiSoar assembling Top Link Hydraulic Cylinders involves precise steps to ensure functionality and safety. Begin by preparing clean components and lubricating seals. Install seals and assemble the piston, then carefully insert it into the cylinder barrel. Securely weld the tang mount if applicable. Torque fasteners to specifications, test for leaks, bleed air, and conduct functional tests. 



Various precision inspection equipment is applied in the quality control, so we have 100% detection capability and traceability.



1.The Salty Testing Machine test the chrome plated rod and to see the capacity for the anti-corrosion performance.

2.Making the 72 or 96 hours for the testing, we can make it longer according to customers special requirement.




1. Painting the undercoat, normally it takes one day to dry.

2. Painting the finish painting.

We have our own standard painting color, and thickness of painting is 40 microns.




Bubble bag + Wooden case(by default).



Our Factory

Our Factory

OEM Custom Service is Available

What Kind Of Cylinders Do You Need?

OEM Top Link Hydraulic Cylinder

A Custom Standard Hydraulic Top Link with Fixed Eye is a specialized hydraulic cylinder designed for agricultural machinery applications,such as tractor. Here's a general process:

Requirement Gathering:
Determine the specific needs of the machinery or application, including the required length, diameter, and stroke of the hydraulic top link.Understand the load capacity and pressure ratings needed based on the tasks the top link will be performing.

Design Specifications:
Decide on the fixed eye design, including the size and type of eye needed for the connection points.
Specify materials that will offer the required strength and durability, considering factors like corrosion resistance and exposure to various environmental conditions.

Engineering and CAD Modeling:
AiSoar use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed models of the top link. This step is crucial for visualizing the final product and making precise calculations.
Perform simulations if necessary to test the strength and functionality of the design under various load conditions.


OEM Hydraulic Cylinder

Engineering and CAD Modeling:
AiSoar use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed models of the top link. This step is crucial for visualizing the final product and making precise calculations.
Perform simulations if necessary to test the strength and functionality of the design under various load conditions.

Custom Fabrication:
Based on the design, fabricate the cylinder body, piston, and rod. This might involve machining processes like turning, milling, and welding.
Ensure that the fixed eye ends are robustly attached and capable of withstanding the forces they will encounter.

Assembly and Testing:
Assemble the hydraulic top link, including installing seals and filling with hydraulic fluid.
Conduct rigorous testing to check for leaks, ensure proper operation, and verify that it meets the load and pressure specifications.




Frequently Asked Questions

A: Sure. You provides the drawing, and we can customize it for you.

A: Yes, we do. We can design the custom cylinder, build it, supply it and solve it worldwide!

A: Well, it quite depends on the quantity or the style of hydrualic cylinder. In most cases, 4~6 weeks for the first order, and we are able to shorten the lead time for the old order. 

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