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Model Code System

WCR Hydraulic Cylinder

The WCR Hydraulic Cylinders Model Code System is a comprehensive system of codes used to identify and specify the various components and specifications of hydraulic cylinders.


WCR Hydraulic Cylinder Ram Cylinder With Bracket Hole Overview:
AiSoar WCR hydraulic ram cylinder with bracket hole is special for scissor hoist and dump trailer, so some customers call this type of hydraulic cylinder “hoist and dump trailer hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is a part of a hoist scissor lift mechanism, which consists of cross-braced arms that extend and retract in a scissor-like way. The hydraulic cylinder acts as the driving force that extends or collapses the scissor arms, thereby raising or lowering the platform.

WCR Hydraulic Cylinder Ram Cylinder With Bracket Hole Characteristics:
The AiSoar WCR hydraulic ram cylinder with bracket hole provides stable lifting and lowering, has a low closed height, and offers a high lifting capacity. Their compact design makes them ideal for indoor and space-constrained environments. Besides, AiSoar offers customization options for dump trailer and hoist hydraulic cylinders, tailoring them to specific load capacities, sizes, and stroke lengths to meet different application needs.

WCR Hydraulic Cylinder Ram Cylinder With Bracket Hole Application:

The AiSoar  WCR Hydraulic Cylinder Ram with Bracket Hole, is a versatile component ideal for diverse industrial applications. Its robust design, featuring a strategically placed bracket hole, ensures easy and secure installation, essential for reliable operation in heavy machinery, scissor lifts, and hoist systems. This cylinder is specifically engineered to provide powerful and precise lifting capabilities. The WCR Hydraulic Cylinder Ram exemplifies AiSoar's commitment to delivering high-quality, customizable hydraulic solutions to meet the varied needs of our global clientele.

WCR Hydraulic Cylinder Drawing

We can check the main sizes in below drawing

Data Table

Here we can see importants dimensional datas for WCR cylinders

5.00 15.75 8.00 0.25 SAE6 2.00 1.15 1.91 2.50 0.50 1.25 0.63 66.10 29.98
5.00 21.00 8.00 0.25 SAE6 2.00 1.15 1.91 2.50 1.00 1.25 0.63 86.80 39.37
6.00 15.75 8.00 0.25 SAE6 2.00 1.15 1.91 2.50 1.00 1.25 0.63 88.00 39.92
6.00 21.00 8.00 0.25 SAE6 2.00 1.15 1.91 2.50 1.00 1.25 0.63 101.20 45.90

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We Always Use Good Quality Material For Our WCR Cylinders

  • ROD:Hard chrome plated.
  • TUBE:Precision honed steel for extended seal life.
  • GLAND:Threaded, steel.
  • PISTON:Ductile Iron.
  • END MOUNTS:Cast 1045 steel with two mounting holes.
  • PORTS:NPT,NPTF&SAE is available.
  • SEALS:Hallite.
  • PAINT:black, custom colors are available.
  • ROD ENDS:Rod eye drilled.

Production Processes

How We Produce WCR Hydraulic Cylinders


Machined by turning and milling compound centers of Mazac and Dawei, the tolerance and accuracy of each parts will be good and stable.




Each parts of the cylinder will be cleaned by Ultrasonic cleaner.




Welded by automatic welding machines and mechanical arm, results our good welding quality.




1.The gland, which holds pressure seals and supports the rod while it moves.
2.The seals, which are fitted to the gland to stop leakage and external contamination.
3.The gland is fitted to the rod.
4.The piston is then fitted to the end of the rod.
5.A locking nut is used to hold the piston in place.
6.Piston seals are fitted to the piston to crest a seal against the cylinder wall in both single -acting and double-acting applications.
7.Position the end cap and the port for welding onto the cylinder.
8.The fully assembled rod is then inserted into the cylinder.
9.With assembly complete, the hydraulic cylinder is now ready for use.




Various precision inspection equipment is applied in the quality control, so we have 100% detection capability and traceability.




1.The Salty Testing Machine test the chrome plated rod and to see the capacity for the anti-corrosion performance.

2.Making the 72 or 96 hours for the testing, we can make it longer according to customers special requirement.




1. Painting the undercoat, normally it takes one day to dry.

2. Painting the finish painting.

We have our own standard painting color, and thickness of painting is 40 microns.




Bubble bag + Wooden case(by default), Carton box is optional



Our Factory

Our Factory

OEM Custom Service is Available

What Kind Of Cylinders Do You Need?

There are many different types of these cylinders for different industries, but no matter what type of hydraulic cylinder you need, even a custom press cylinder, AiSoar can meet your needs.

WCR hydrualic ram cylinder with bracket hole description

The WCR Hydraulic Ram Cylinder is a type of welded hydraulic cylinder that uses hydraulic pressure to create linear motion and force for scissor hoist lift and dump trailer. This type hydraulic cylinders have the advantage of welded hydraulic cylinder, and it enhances strength and durability, making them well-suited for heavy-duty use.

The inclusion of a bracket hole is a key design element. This feature allows for easy and secure mounting of the cylinder to various machinery or structures. The bracket hole ensures that the cylinder can be firmly attached, providing stability and alignment during operation.

AiSoar Hydraulics scissor lift hydraulic cylinders bring distinct advantages to lifting applications. Their precision engineering ensures stable and controlled elevation, vital for safety and efficiency. These cylinders are designed to handle heavy loads with ease, providing reliable lifting power in a compact form. The high-quality materials used in their construction guarantee durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring longevity even in rigorous use. Additionally, hydraulic scissor hoist cylinder seamless operation and low maintenance requirements make them cost-effective over time.

WCR Hydrualic Ram Cylinder With Bracket Hole Custom

Customizable Stroke Lengths and Bore Sizes: The stroke length and bore size can vary depending on the specific requirements of the scissor lift.
Pressure Ratings: Designed to operate under specific pressure ranges suitable for lifting applications.
Bracket Hole: Bracket hole can be tailored to fit specific mounting requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for various machinery and equipment.
Seal Types: The type of seals used can be selected based on the operating conditions to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent leaks.
Rod Surface Treatment: Options like chrome plating or other coatings can be applied to the rod for corrosion resistance and extended lifespan.
Custom Ports and Fittings: Hydraulic ports and fittings can be customized for compatibility with existing hydraulic systems.

This durable cylinder is designed with a ductile cast iron base end, steel rod, gland, and piston for resistance to wear. AiSoar hydraulics implements rigid quality control on raw materials as well. We have really stable suppliers with long-term cooperative relationships. We inspect each batch of incoming goods and review our supplier's quality performance by year.


Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Sure. we are the manufacture and suppler of hydraulic cylinder, we have the alibility to design and make customized hydrualic cylinder. 

A:Yes, of course! AiSoar Hydraulics is a manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders,hydraulic power units and hydraulic system.

A: Yes, We have one year warranty for our product ,if any problem with product, our engineers are available for remote instruction

Aisoar Hydraulic Cylinders Catalogue

Aisoar hydraulics supplies WCR welded cylinder, base ends with bracket hole and rod ends with drilled-hole, widely used construction equipment, trailers, metal fabricating and waste/recycling equipment and other fields. The closed distance of this type cylinders are smaller, so its ideally suited for compact equipment too.


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