Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System Manufacturer: AISOAR hydraulics provide DC power units, AC power units, standard industrial power units and customized hydraulic system along with hydraulic cylinders as well. We can design and produce the whole sets of hydraulics include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units, hydraulic valves, electrical control box, wireless remote control, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic connectors and etc. Vehicle mounted or portable, horizontal or vertical, radio remote control or wired remotes, and many other options. Aisoar Hydraulics system have been widely used in agricultural, construction equipment, transportation, industrial maintenance machines, and many more.

Hydraulic System


AiSoar offers customized hydraulic systems along with hydraulic cylinders. We can design and build the complete hydraulic system,

Hydraulic System


AiSoar provides a wide range of DC compact power units and AC compact power units, including vehicle-mounted or portable, horizont

Hydraulic System


AiSoar Hydraulic provides industrial hydraulic power units, cost effective and quick lead time! There are some standard options f

The Quality Hydraulic System Manufacturer and Supplier in China

As a professional China hydraulic system manufacturer and supplier, we build standard hydraulic power units and customized hydraulic system to meet the different needs of domestic and foreign customers on pump styles, pressure ratings, flow rats, reservoirs and configurations. As a power system’s manufacturer and supplier, Aisoar hydraulics can provide hydraulic power unit price, quotation, drawings, models and other information. 

We are quite capable of supplying hydraulic system, we have skilled hydraulic engineers and electrical engineers, so we can work together to know our customers well, then work out perfect hydraulic solutions to meet different application requirements.


Hydraulic System Introduction:

Our hydraulic power packs are designed and build specifically to help the completeness of several operations with various forces and speeds. A power unit exerts pressure to actuate motors, cylinders and other relevant parts of a hydraulic system. Pressure limits, power capacity and reservoir volume are some vital elements affecting the performance of a hydraulic power unit. Moreover, physical characteristics such as size, power supply and pumping strength are also important matters that should be considered.

Product name

Hydraulic system


AC/ DC motors are available


Up to 160 HP (90 KW)

Customized support


Operating Pressure

Up To 4600 PSI (31.5Mpa)

Main Market

Europe, North America

Flow Rate

Up To 66 GPM (250L/min)


Industrial applications, agricultural, trailers, metal fabricating and waste/recycling equipment.


Steel, Stainless & Aluminum

Sea Port



Hydraulic pumps, hand pumps are available

Lead Time

10-60 Days


Solenoid or manual control valves are available, a wide range of valve options can also be configured based on your application.


1 unit

Hydraulic System and its Components:

Hydrualic system is made up of hydrualic power unit pack and actuator such as hydrualic cylinder. A hydrualic power unit pack has common basic components, the main components of a hydraulic system are hydraulic pump, motor, manifold, accumulator,flow control valve, directional control valve, pressure relief valve, reservoir for hydraulic fluid, pipes and fittings, pressure gauge and etc. There are many brand of components are optional, some are international brand, some are made in China, but all of them have good quality. Which one should be adopted, depending on your specific requirements and the applications.


Aisoar hydrualic power system will design and build consistent, reliable performance based on application. 
Industrial normal applications

Mobile applications
High flow, long duty cycle applications
Driven a short cycle time over and over again by the hydraulic system

Hydraulic Power System Production Process:

Aisoar sales would like to listen to you, record and organize your requirements, then pass to our engineer, our engineers would like to call the R&D meeting to discuss how to build if necessary, after the design confirmed, the manufacture department starts to produce, assemble and test. Finally our sales will back to you along with the pictures of hydraulic system, which will be packed as soon as your confirmed everything looks perfect.                       

How To Order Hydraulic System:

There are three situations when you would like to build a hydraulic system

The situation Will be appreciate if you can do as follows
You’d like to order a hydraulic system without hydraulic schematic diagram Describe the application, function of the hydraulic system. Such as how many cylinders will be controlled? and the cylinder size and speed?
You’d like to order a new hydraulic system according to an old one which was made by other company Take the pictures of the hydraulic system you have which you need to make a new one. Such as the model of motor, pump, valve, the sizes of the reservoir.
You'd like to order a hydrualic system along with a hydraulic schematic diagram Send us the hydrualic schematic diagram and other specific requirements.

                                                                Basic hydraulic system


Let us build exactly what you need in the quantities you require!