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AiSoar Hydraulics manufactures custom power units of any complexity. All custom power units we build are made according to customer requirements and needs.




A 12/24DC-volt hydraulic power unit is a compact and versatile device that delivers hydraulic power through a 12-volt DC power source. AiSoar Hydraulics offers reliable 12-volt power units. This portable unit has applications in a wide range of industries, including automotive, agriculture, construction, and marine. Its advantages include portability, cost-effectiveness, and efficient power delivery, making it an important asset in hydraulic systems.

With a compact design, user-friendly controls, and the ability to customize, these units are well-suited for a variety of applications, providing dependability and convenience in the operation of hydraulic machinery and equipment. Cost-effectiveness, high power transmission, design versatility, security, and reliability.


12V Dump Trailer Hydraulic Pump 
12 volt hydraulic pumps are ideal for dump trailers due to their ability to provide the hydraulic power required to lift and tilt the trailer. This pump is designed to operate on 12 volts and is simple to install. The quart reservoir can be filled with approved hydraulic fluid, ensuring proper operation and longevity. A control remote allows you to easily control the speed of descent of your dump trailer. If you want a dependable and efficient way to power your dump trailer, 12 volt hydraulic pumps are a great option.

Snow Plow Hydraulic Power Pack
AiSoar double-acting hydraulic power unit comes with a steel reservoir. This design ensures enough power to easily handle the demands of snow removal tasks, giving operators a dependable tool in harsh winter conditions. To ensure safety, the hydraulic power unit includes a high pressure relief valve set  This valve not only serves as a measure of security, but it is also easily adjustable to meet specific needs, providing peace of mind while operating.The AiSoar user-friendly design snow plow hydraulic pump allows for easy power up and down applications, streamlining the snow plowing process for operators.


Mini Power Packs

Mini Power Packs

                Hydraulic Power Unit Packs Supply Range: 
AiSoar power units can be fitted with 12 or 24 Volt high efficiency, low noise direct current electric motors ranging from 150W up to 800W, with or without respective starter solenoids.  A range of pressure balanced gear pumps as small as 0.8cc/rev up to 8 cc/rev are adapted to the central drive plate that incorporates relief valve and check valve.The versatile die cast aluminium drive plate offers either a simple pressure & tank port option or various mechanical & solenoid operated control valve options incorporated within.This table shows the specification of mini power packs :

Name Parameter
Motor Voltage DC 12V/DC24/AC110V/AC220V/AC380V
Solenoid Valve Voltage DC 12V/DC24/AC110V/AC220V
System Pressure 0-25Mpa
Gear Pump 0.8cc/r-8cc/r
Tank Capacity 1.5L-40L
Motor Power  0.8KW ,1.5KW, 2.2KW
Oil Port Size M14*1.5/M16*1.5/  1/4''BSP/3/8''BSP
Oil Tank Material Plastic / Steel


Data Table

Here we can see importants dimensional datas for power unit

Motor Voltage Rotate Speed Motor Power Pump Flow Pressure Tank(Round)
12VDC                         24VDC 2500RPM 0.8kW 1.1ml/r 12MPa 4L
1.6ml/r 8Mpa 6L
2.1ml/r 6Mpa 8L
2.5ml/r 5Mpa 10L
1.5kW 1.1ml/r 20Mpa 4L
1.6ml/r 15Mpa 6L
2.1ml/r 12Mpa 8L
2.2kW 2.1ml/r 17Mpa 4L
2.5ml/r 15Mpa 6L
2.7ml/r 13Mpa 8L
Motor Voltage Rotate Speed Motor Power Pump Flow Pressure Tank(Round)
220VAC             380VAC 2800RPM 0.75Kw 1.6m/r 8MPa 6L
2.1m/r 6Mpa 8L
2.5m/r 5Mpa 10L
1.5kW 1.6m/r 16Mpa 6L
2.1m/r 12Mpa 8L
2.5m/r 10Mpa 10L
2.2kW 2.1m/r 17Mpa 6L
2.5m/r 15Mpa 8L
2.6m/r 13Mpa 10L

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Mini Power Packs Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram

      Through different hydraulic valve combinations, our company currently
has more than two hundred hydraulic circuits for customers to choose from. The typical hydraulic circuit is shown in the figure below. In addition to these circuits we also provide the flexibility to produce larger, more complex circuits to our customers' requirements. Such systems may incorporate any combination of cartridge, cetop, mobile type or customer's specified valve(s).Quantity requirements for custom controls should not be a concern. Our in-house manufacturing capability means that we are able to meet the demands of our OEM customer no matter the quantity requirements, be it 1, 10, 100, 1000 or more.



The feature of mini power units

AC Dock Leveler

Controls two single acting dock cylinders
• Integrated sequence, shuttle, logic and throttle valves
• On/Off only, no remote needed
• Unit requires eletrical wiring

AC Dock Leveler

Pumping Stations

 No Valving - Pumping Station Only
• No Remote
• Check valve to prevent reverse flow

Pumping Stations

Dual Rotation Power Unit

Ideal for RVs
• Use when no long term load holding is needed.
• Horizontal mounting

Dual Rotation Power Unit

Snowplow Power Units

Double acting blade angle
• Single acting blade raise & lower.
• Designed to lift, hold and lower.

Snowplow Power Units


Power Up and Gravity Down
• Check valve to prevent reverse flow
• Steel tanks have horizontal mounting,
Tanks can be horizontal or vertical
Designed to lift, hold and lower




Mount Type

  • Round Vertical 
  • Round Horizontal
  • Squrae Vertical
  • Square Horizontal
  • Wired Romote Control

Mount Type

Our Factory

Our Factory


Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Definitely yes, we have our own factory. We would like to show you videos via WhatsApp or Wechat.

A: Of course! AiSoar provides a sample for you to test. If it satisfies your machine requirement, then order a batch product, and we can provide a great price for you. 

A: Sure, we have the ability to supply customiezed service. TR series tie rod cylinder is the standard type, but customized stroke, intergraded valve and special tube/rod material is available.

Aisoar Hydraulic Cylinders Catalogue

The tie-rod cylinders with clevis mounted both rod ends and base ends, we call out TR series. AiSoar tie rod cylinders, available in a variety of bore and stroke sizes, bore size ranges from 2 to 5 inches, stroke ranges from 4 to 48 inches, working pressure ranges from 2500PSI to 3000PSI. 


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