AISOAR offers customized hydraulic system along with hydraulic cylinders. We can design and build the complete hydraulic system include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units, hydraulic valves, electrical control box, wireless remote control, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic connectors and etc. Vehicle mounted or portable, horizontal or vertical, radio remote control or wired remotes, and many other options.

AISOAR can design and build the quality custom hydraulic system to meet customers' requirements, including consulting, design, implementation and optimization.


We not only design and manufacture the power units, but the electrical control system as well. This is a perfect and cost-effective option, as it allows us to test the complete hydraulic system well, and for our customers, it reduces the total purchase cost. We can work together with our customers more efficiently and our cooperation becomes closer. 


Here are some examples for complete hydraulic system we offer:

1) Hydraulic power unit pack with simple electrical control box.

PLC and Touched-Screen Control System is optional.

2) Hydraulic power unit pack with electrical control box and remote control as well.

   Electrical Cntrol Box                                                           Remote Control            Wireless Remote Control


3) A complete hydraulic and electrical package.

Quality Hydraulics also reviews the electrical and electronic requirements for any custom system and provides, from a single source, a complete hydraulic and electrical package.


AiSoar hydraulic system is your best choice. 

You can confidently utilize equipment with AiSoar hydraulics system year after year, as there are three reasons:

1. We have experienced engineers in hydraulic transmission and hydraulic control system, it allows us to design and build the comprehensive hydraulic system.

2. We have built parameter values database for hydraulic components, including domestic brand and international brand. As a result, we can quote quickly and accurate.

3. AiSoar hydraulics provides value pricing without sacrificing quality. While implementing rigid quality standards & control on raw materials, the key to cost control for us is to use standardization and large scale production.

Freely contact us, Let’s start to design and build a complete hydraulic with electrical option!



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