China Hydraulic Test Bench Manufacturers and Suppliers

China Hydraulic Test Bench Manufacturers and Suppliers

AISOAR hydraulics provides standard hydraulic testing machine and customized hydraulic test bench to meet customers' specific requirements. The hydraulic test bench is quite useful for the manufacture of hydraulic products. For the manufactures, before the hydraulic products deliver to customers, we have to guarantee they are prefect without seal leaks, they have gone through the test procedure by the testing machine, this testing step is essential. With 3000 PSI testing capacity, all cylinder repairs can be guaranteed not to fail when reinstalled into the field. The hydraulic products will work prefect, means greater profit, satisfied customers and long term customer loyalty.

Max. Pressure: 250Bar, 315Bar is optional
Horse Power: 3x10 HP / 3x7.5kW
Hydraulic Pump Capacity: 3x23LPM at 50HZ
Power Required: 50/60HZ/3Ph,as your required
Reservoir Capacity: 2x250L
Optional Accessories: Pressure Sensor, Proportional valve

Along with worktable: Yes, two types for choice
Digital display panel: Available
Software system: Available

PLC Hydrualic Test bench

This test bench has strong-functioned, is ideal for the producer of hydrualic products. The type of worktable is optional, integrated or one separate workatable for placing the hydraulic products as your required.

Max.Pressure 250Bar, 315Bar is optional Horse Power 3x10 HP / 3x7.5kW Hydraulic Pump Capacity 3x23LPM at 50HZ
Power Required 50/60HZ/3Ph,as your required Reservoir Capacity 2x250L Optional Accessories Pressure Sensor
Proportional valve


① Test three cylinders at the same time

② High pressure hoses with quick disconnects

③ Hose storage rack

④ Nine Pressure gauges visual Pressure and Flow LCD display

⑤ Quick disconnect adaptors

⑥ Shop air adapter for oil removal after testing

⑦ PLC control with operation panel

⑧ Independent circulating cooling circuit

⑨ Differential pressure sensor, Level relay, Temperature Sensor

Two types of worktable for your choice:

Which type of worktable is ideal for you? how to choose the best solution? It is defined by the dimensions of hydraulic cylinders be tested.
To ensure the testing bench works at maximum efficiency, integrated type worktable is suitable for placing the comparatively small and short hydrualic cylinder, because the limited width of worktable not only should be comfortable for operating, but it is better to place more than 2 pcs hydraulic cylinders at the same time. 
Separate type worktable is the ideal solution for testing more than 2 pcs the bigger and longer hydraulic cylinder at the same time, because the can be designed large size.


Software system is optional:

It should be possible to store the data in the computer, and print the test report from the software system.

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