High Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Tester

Aisoar hydraulic testing machine

High Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Tester

The hydraulic tester is quite useful for the manufacture of hydraulic products or the supplier of hydraulic maintenance. For the manufactures, before the hydraulic products deliver to customers, we have to guarantee they are prefect without seal leaks, they have gone through the test procedure by the hydraulic tester, this testing step is essential.

Max. Pressure: 250Bar, 315Bar is optional
Horse Power: 15 HP / 11kW
Hydraulic Pump Capacity: 36LPM at 50HZ
Power Required: 50/60HZ/3Ph,as your required
Reservoir Capacity: 350L
Optional Accessories: Pressure Sensor, Flowmeter

Worktable: Without
Manual control: Available

Highly Integrated Tester

When interruption of power supply happens, this type of hydrualic tester is able to be operated in manual mode by adjusting the overflow valve of manual pump. Without worktable, you should place the hydrualic cylinder on the floor or other device or shelf when testing.

Max.Pressure 250Bar, 315Bar is optional Horse Power 15 HP / 11kW Hydraulic Pump Capacity 36LPM at 50HZ
Power Required 50/60HZ/3Ph,as your required Reservoir Capacity 350L Optional Accessories Pressure Sensor

Hydraulic Tester Features:

① Test two cylinders at the same time

② High pressure hoses with quick disconnects

③ Hose storage rack

④ Five Pressure gauges visual

⑤ Quick disconnect adaptors

⑥ Low friction caster wheels

⑦ Electrical control /Manual control

⑧ Air cooler

⑨ Temperature Sensor,Level relay

⑩ Hand pump circuit(Power off Manual operation)

Hydraulic Tester Drawing:


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