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WTG Hydraulic Cylinder

AiSoar Hydraulics specifically manufactured the tang hydraulic cylinders in order to give customers more options than only the industry-standard stock cylinders. The tang ends can fit into limited frames, and the ports were made to line up with pin holes. These exclusive products possess solid chrome plating, welded mounting ends, and premium-quality steel construction.


WTG Tang Mounts Hydraulic Cylinders Overview:

WTG hydraulic cylinders feature a tang on the cylinder body, which facilitates easy welding and mounting.The tang mount design ensures secure and stable attachment to equipment. AiSoar welded hydraulic cylinders are known for robust welded construction, enhancing strength and longevity. WTG hydraulic cylinders can withstand heavy loads and high-pressure conditions. Tang mount welded  hydraulic cylinders are perfect for front-end replacements as well as a wide range of other industries, including waste management, construction, agriculture, and transportation.

WTG Tang Mounts  Hydraulic Cylinders Characteristics:

AiSoar WTG welded hydraulic cylinders with tang mout  are crafted with precision, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. They are built to meet the exacting standards of various industries. Dur it built to last, with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, they deliver long-lasting performance even in challenging working environments.

WTG Tang Mounts  Hydraulic Cylinders Application:

WTG welded hydraulic cylinders with tang mount are versatile components used in various industries, including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. They provide secure attachment and controlled hydraulic force, making them essential for tasks like equipment movement, material handling, and heavy machinery operation. These cylinders are found in applications ranging from construction and mining equipment to aerospace and automotive manufacturing, offering reliability and customization to meet specific operational needs.

WTG Hydraulic Cylinder Drawing

We can check the main sizes in below drawing

 Bore   φ   d    D1   R/b   L6   M2   L10   L5★   L7★   L2   2-M1   H1   φ1 
 DΨ=1.33   DΨ=1.46   DΨ=2 
φ40 55 20 22 25 20 or GE20ES 25 30 M18×2 65 47 55 270 M14×1.5 15 65
φ50 65 25 28 32 30 or GE30ES 35 40 M24×2 75 57 55 295 M18×1.5 18 75
φ63 80 32 35 45 30 or GE30ES 35 40 M24×2 75 60 65 305 M18×1.5 18 90
φ80 100 40 45 55 40 or GE40ES 45 50 M39×3 105 72 60▲75 372 M22×1.5 20 110
φ90 114 45 50 63 40 or GE40ES 45 50 M39×3 105 72 60▲75 377 M22×1.5 20
φ100 125 50 55 70 50 or GE50ES 60 65 M50×3 135 89 60▲85 427 M27×2 22
φ110 140 55 63 80 50 or GE50ES 60 65 M50×3 135 91 65▲85 442 M27×2 22
φ125 152 63 70 90 50 or GE50ES 60 65 M50×3 135 91 65▲85 447 M27×2 22
φ140 166 70 80 100 60 or GE60ES 70 75 M64×3 170 105 70▲90 513 M27×2 22
φ150 178 80 90 110 60 or GE60ES 70 75 M64×3 170 110 70▲90 523 M33×2 30
φ160 194 80 90 110 60 or GE60ES 70 75 M64×3 170 110 75▲95 533 M33×2 30
φ180 219 90 100 125 70 or GE70ES 80 85 M80×3 195 125 75▲95 593 M42×2 30
φ200 245 100 110 140 80 or GE80ES 90 95 M90×3 210 135 79▲95 628 M42×2 30
φ220 273 110 125 160 90 or GE90ES 100 105 M100×3 250 145 85▲105 710 M42×2 30
φ250 125 125 170 180 100 or GE100ES 110 120 M110×4 275 160 90▲110 779 M42×2 30

1. Ψ is the ratio of piston chamber effective area and piston rod chamber etfective area.
2. The maximum stroke: S=3D when 4=1.33 ; S=10D when y=1.46; S=12D when Ψ=2.
3."s1" means the minimum stroke expect for trunnion and intermediate flange mountings.

Data Table

Here we can see importants dimensional datas for WTG cylinders

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We Always Use Good Quality Material For Our WTG Cylinders

  • ROD:Hard chrome plated.
  • TUBE:Precision honed steel for extended seal life.
  • GLAND:Steel.
  • PISTON:Steel.
  • END MOUNTS:Forged 1045 Steel Tang Mounts.
  • PORTS:SAE, NPT are available.
  • SEALS:Hallite.
  • PAINT:black, custom colors are available.
  • ROD ENDS:Forged 1045 Steel.

Production Processes

How We Produce WTG Hydraulic Cylinders


Machined by turning and milling compound centers of Mazac and Dawei, the tolerance and accuracy of each parts will be good and stable.




Each parts of the cylinder will be cleaned by Ultrasonic cleaner.




Welded by automatic welding machines and mechanical arm, results our good welding quality.




AiSoar assembling Tang Mount Welded Hydraulic Cylinders involves precise steps to ensure functionality and safety. Begin by preparing clean components and lubricating seals. Install seals and assemble the piston, then carefully insert it into the cylinder barrel. Securely weld the tang mount if applicable. Torque fasteners to specifications, test for leaks, bleed air, and conduct functional tests. Verify safety features are in place. Documentation of the assembly process is crucial. Follow manufacturer guidelines and seek professional help if needed for safe and proper assembly.




Various precision inspection equipment is applied in the quality control, so we have 100% detection capability and traceability.




1.The Salty Testing Machine test the chrome plated rod and to see the capacity for the anti-corrosion performance.

2.Making the 72 or 96 hours for the testing, we can make it longer according to customers special requirement.




1. painting the undercoat, normally it takes one day to dry.

2.  painting the finish painting.

We have our own standard painting color, and thickness of painting is 40 microns.




AiSoar hydraulic cylinder package way: Bubble bag + Wooden case(by default)



Our Factory

Our Factory

OEM Custom Service is Available

What Kind Of Cylinders Do You Need?

These cylinders come in a handful of different types  and are used in different industries, but no matter which type you need , even custom welded hydraulic cylinders, AiSoar is able to provide them.


Step1: Requirement Analysis: Understand  the specific needs of your application, including load capacity, stroke length, mounting requirements, and environmental conditions.
Step2: Design Parameters: Determine key design parameters, such as bore diameter, rod diameter, and overall dimensions, to meet your application's requirements.
Step3: Select Materials: Choose appropriate materials for the cylinder body, piston, rod, seals, and other components based on the operating environment and load conditions.
Step4: Mounting Options: Decide on the type of tang mount and its dimensions to ensure secure attachment to your equipment.
Step5: Customization: Incorporate any specific features or customization options needed for your application, such as position sensors, cushions, or special coatings.
Step6: Engineering and Modeling: Utilize CAD software to create detailed engineering drawings and 3D models of the custom cylinder.



AiSoar Displacement Sensor Hydraulic Cylinder

A Tang Mount Displacement Sensor Cylinder is a specialized hydraulic cylinder designed to provide accurate and real-time position feedback within a hydraulic system. This cylinder integrates a displacement sensor, such as a linear potentiometer or magnetostrictive sensor, directly into its structure.

As the hydraulic cylinder extends or retracts, the integrated displacement sensor measures the linear movement of the piston or rod inside the cylinder.This sensor generates a continuous signal that reflects the precise position of the cylinder at any given moment.The position feedback signal is transmitted to a control system or operator interface, allowing for real-time monitoring and control of the cylinder's position.


Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Yes, we design and make customized hydrualic cylinder. Whatever do you prefer a complete customized hydrualic cylinder or slight modify base on the standard one, our engineer would like to fully support.


A: Yes, it's a rebuild-able cylinder and we do offer repair kits. Tie rod type is easy to repair.

A: 1" pin hole for bore size 1"~4", and 1.25" pin hole for bore size 5".   

A: Definitely yes, we have our own factory. We would like to show you videos via WhatsApp or Wechat.

Aisoar Hydraulic Cylinders Catalogue

Aisoar hydraulics supplies Tang mounted cylinders, rod and base ends with one piece lug mount welded, insert a spherical or steel bushing to improve war life. Tang cylinders are most commonly used in heavy duty construction equipment.


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