What are Custom Hydraulic Cylinders?

Custom hydraulic cylinders are built to fit every dynamic need of the machinery. 

AiSoar offers custom hydraulic cylinders, ranging in bore size from 1.25 to 15 inches, stroke from 0.25 to 240 inches with pressure rating from 200PSI to 4500PSI. AiSoar provides the custom hydraulic cylinder with construction types' options, mounting options, integrated valve options, pressure& temperature options, metric and inches size options.

The difference between standard hydraulic cylinder and custom hydraulic cylinder


Standard Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Working Environment

-10°-- +60°

High temperature(high temperature resistant seals), cold (cold resistant seals), special medium


Tube 20 steel (45, 25Mn), piston rod 45 steel, other A3,45 castings, etc

304 steel, 316 stainless steel, brass, etc


Each series of cylinders has its standard size

Non-standard size (cylinder size, rod size, stroke), stroke can be customized according to demand, other needs to have a large cylinder or a single high unit price

Mounting type

Each series of cylinders has its own standard mounting type



Double acting, single rod, integral compact cylinder

Single acting, double rod or other special structure processing technology

Oil Port

Each series of cylinders has its own standard port size and location

Size, location, type

Function + Valve

Only linear reciprocating motion function, no other functions, without valve

Pilot operated check, balance valve, etc

Surface Treatment

Each factory has factory standard color, out of range for custom color

Paint by raul, Pantone or pattern.

Aisoar hydraulics customize hydraulic cylinders to meet customers' requirements on mounting styles, pressure ratings, sizes and configurations. We also excel in fully supporting small & middle sized customers, and to help them grow. Welded cylinders can be used for most applications. Because they are welded, the design can be more sophisticated or more customized. Because of that, repairment usually is more challenging. With the compact and more customized design, welded cylinders in most cases are a preferred solution.

How we make a hydraulic cylinder for you:

1)Made according to your drawing

2)Design and made as your samples

3)Entrust our design

If you have any further questions about hydraulic cylinders, or would like us to help you make custom hydraulic cylinders, please contact email: alice@ai-soar.com or contact us.


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