How To Custom Hydraulic Cylinders?

Custom hydraulic cylinders are built to fit every dynamic need of the machinery.
AiSoar offers custom hydraulic cylinders, ranging in bore size from 1.25 to 15 inches, stroke from 0.25 to 240 inches with pressure rating from 200PSI to 4500PSI. AiSoar provides the custom hydraulic cylinder with construction types options, mounting options, integrated valve options, pressure& temperature options, metric and inches size options.

Step1: Working Pressure Option 

Pressure selection is determined by load size and facility type and the assembly space for the actuator is also taken into account.
Selection of hydraulic actuator design pressure according to host type:

Load/T 0.5 0.5-1 1-2 2-3 3-5 5
Working Pressure / Mpa 0.1-1 1.5-2 2.5-3 3-4 4-5 大于

Selection of hydraulic actuator design pressure according to host type:

Main types of machinery   Design Pressure
Lathe Finishing machines e.g. grinding machines 0.8-2
Semi-finishing machines 3-5
Gantry planers 2-8
Broaching machines 8-10
Agricultural machinery, small construction machinery   10-16
Hydraulic machines, Large and medium-sized excavators, Medium-sized machinery, Lifting and transportation   20-32
Geological machinery, metallurgical machinery, railroad maintenance machinery   25-100

Step 2: Preliminary cylinder bore and rod diameter
After selecting the design pressure, P(Pressure) is known, the formula is used to derive the S force area, and then the cylinder bore is calculated according to the force area.

How to Calculate Cylinder Bore and Rod Bore Based on Pressure click on this blog

Step 3: Selected stroke (S)
According to the requirements of the overall design of the equipment live device system, determine the installation method and stroke. 

Step 4: Mounting Type Selection 
The way the cylinder is mounted, what form the cylinder is connected to the equipment. After determining the mounting method, then determine the mounting dimensions

  • Flange Mount 


  • Hinged Installation


  • Trunnion Mounting                                         Foot Mounting



Step 5: Port Type And Diameter Selection
1. Oil Port Type
Female threaded, flanged and other special types, the choice of which is determined by the system of connecting piping pipe connection method.

2. Selecting Oil Port Diameter Principle

In the system and the hydraulic cylinder connected to the pipeline in the media flow known conditions, through the oil port of the media flow rate is generally not greater than 5mm / s, while paying attention to the speed ratio of the factors, to determine the oil port diameter.

Step 6: Specific Operating Conditions Selection
1.Working medium
Normal medium is mineral oil, other media must pay attention to its sealing system, the components of the material characteristics of the conditions of the impact 

2. Ambient or medium temperature
Normal working medium temperature of -20 ℃ to +80 ℃, more than the working temperature must pay attention to its sealing system, the material properties of the components and cooling system settings and other conditions of influence

3.  High operating accuracy
For servo or other hydraulic cylinders with low start-up pressure requirements such as medium and high pressures, attention must be paid to the effects on the sealing system, the material properties of the components, and the detailed design.

4. Zero leakage

5. Working pressure, speed, working conditions

Step 7: Seal Quality Selection
1. No specific working conditions, specific quality requirements, according to the company's standard sealing system to adopt
2.  No specific working conditions, specific quality requirements, it is recommended that the sealing system is recommended by our professional engineers.

Step 8: Other Feature Options
1. Air venting Valve
2.Balancing Valve
3. Integrated Valve

 AiSoar Customized Cylinder Procedure

AiSoar Customized Forms

If you have customization requirement please tell us, we will according to your needs for you to customize your exclusive cylinder.



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