How To Measure Hydraulic Cylinder

One question that AISOAR’s  team is always answering is what information do I need to replace my hydraulic cylinder. This article is here to address that exact concern, walk you through measuring the size of your hydraulic cylinder, and provide the information needed to replace your cylinder.

The hydraulic cylinder measurement should include the measurement of the main components. Tools for measuring hydraulic cylinder components include tape measures and/or calipers.
The main components of hydraulic cylinder measurement



Retraction length of hydraulic cylinder
When the cylinder is fully retracted, the measured value is from the center of the pin to the center of the pin.

Lengthening of hydraulic cylinder
The measurement is that the center of the needle is fully extended to the center of the needle.

The measured value is the extension length of the hydraulic cylinder minus the retracted length .


Bore diameter
Measure the outer diameter of the cylinder and subtract the wall thickness of the tubing.
Standard apertures range from 1.5" to 6" apertures.

Sometimes the bore diameter can not be measured directly with tools. We can calculate it with the following methods

Step 1:

Measure the cylinder outside diameter,then subtract the cylinder wall thickness.

For example:Cylinder outside diameter is 90mm,generally the wall thickness is 5mm and above,We can calculate that the cylinder bore diameter is equal to

90-5*2,the bore diameter is 80mm and below

Step 2:

Gerernally the bore diameter is twice the rod diameter,we can caculate the bore diameter according the rod diameter.If the rod diameter is 45mm through measurement,then the bore diameter is 45mm*2,about 90mm.

Rod diameter
The measurement is mainly done with calipers.

Mounting pin size of the base.

Rod mounting pin size.

Mounting dimensions of base and pole.

Determine the port size and style.


Once you are finished getting all of these dimensions the next step is to find out what kind of mounting the cylinder has. There are a couple different mounting style but the main two with standard cylinders are clevis and cross tube mounting. Clevis Mounting looks the letter U and is often referred to as bunny ears.


The final step in the process is to compare your measurements to a manufacturer’s drawing before you order. Cylinders drawings can be configured using our manufacturer’s configuration tools. A two-dimension or three-dimension drawing can be provided in most cases. Aisoarrequire a signature verifying the dimensions of a cylinder on all orders. It ensures that we get it right the first time and provides a good record for future orders.Any more question for the hydraulic cylinder,please contact follow information.



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