What's features of lifting platform hydraulic cylinder ?

Hydraulic cylinders and systems provide your lift equipment with the power it needs to lift product and people safely. A smooth running hydraulic system is important to get your people and product where they need to be without damage or injury.They are designed to be much stronger than the other types of hydraulic cylinders, giving them the ability to lift massive loads while also remaining good reliable. The hydraulic cylinders also have high quality, meaning they will last for years by applicate in heavy work.

Aisoar Hydraulic makes hydraulic cylinder ideal for use in areas where the platform will be used frequently, such as warehouses work and commercial buildings. Not only keep people out of dangerous, but also help people do good work by Aisoar Hydraulic lifting platform. 


  • 4 Double Acting Cylinders.

  • Velocity fuses mounted on each hydraulic cylinder

  • for Industrial scissor lifts and so on

Hydraulic lift systems: the use of fluid makes this process very efficient, and the force that is applied is in almost all cases multiplied, which makes hydraulic lifts popular for heavy-duty applications.

They are frequently utilized in industries such as: automotive, for parking lift systems, braking systems and other power transmission applications; industrial manufacturing, in a variety of process and assembly machinery; construction, for the lifting of heavy building materials such as concrete, stone and brick; steel mills, for the transport and processing of steel; and marine, for applications such as off-shore mining and off-shore pipelines as well as steering and braking systems for marine vessels.

Aisoar hydraulic lift systems do not require all lifts to be hydraulically-powered, but can also integrate various types of machinery that are not-powered by hydraulics; for instance, they could be electrically powered. Available in a wide variety of configurations, hydraulic lift systems can be adapted to fit the specific needs of the application.


Aisoar’s solutions are tailored to fit your needs

High-quality manufacturing for customized hydraulic cylinders forms the foundation for our business operations. We produce high-quality hydraulic solutions to fit custom's need.

At Aisoar, we have the experience, infrastructure, and capacity to fulfill all your hydraulic cylinder customization needs, conserve resources, and improve efficiency. Choosing the best hydraulic partner will help you to streamline your operations and improve profitability.   

Aisoar has over 22 years of experience in custom hydraulic cylinders with a passion and focus on reliability and concentrate on your success.

Whether you have questions concerning hydraulic cylinders or looking for a high-quality hydraulic design to suit your needs, Aisoar can help.   

We supply custom heavy duty hydraulic cylinders; industrial hydraulic cylinder; tie rod hydraulic cylinders, etc., to suit your specific application requirements.



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