What Are the Parts of a Hydraulic Cylinder?


Hydraulic cylinders are everywhere in our daily life. It can be seen in construction industry, agriculture, trailers, excavators, metallurgy and many other fields. It enables people to complete heavy industrial tasks quickly and efficiently. When it comes to the parts of a hydraulic cylinder, many people may not understand it very well. What are the parts of a hydraulic cylinder?


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What Are the Parts of a Hydraulic Cylinder?

The parts of a hydraulic cylinder named clevis (rod end), piston rod, piston (inside the barrel), port, hydraulic cylinder gland, cylinder barrel and base end as is shown in the diagram.

parts of a hydraulic cylinder

The Clevis Rod End

The clevis is a common mounting style of hydraulic cylinders. It is applicable to the case that the rod end moves along a curved path in the same motion plane during the process of working. This mounting style is of great help for hydraulic cylinders with the centerline mounting advantage. At the same time, it prolongs the life of hydraulic cylinder.


The Piston Rod

The piston rod, connected to the piston and cylinder head, is a moving part with frequent movement, constant friction and high technical requirements. It is made from hard chrome plating and widely used in industrial machinery as the role of transferring torque and bearing load.


The Piston Inside the Barrel

The part inside the barrel is piston which is pushed by hydraulic fluid. The piston is connected to the rod for the extension and retraction of the hydraulic cylinder. The reciprocating motion of the piston generates the power.


The Gland

The gland is connected by welding, threading or tie rods.  The diagram is one of our TR series tie rod hydraulic cylinders. To prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking into the working environment and ensure the performance and safety, the gland will be fitted with many seals. The hydraulic cylinder gland makes removal and replacement of all seals easier.


The Cylinder Barrel

The cylinder barrel, also known as hydraulic cylinder tube, is made from highly durable materials to bear the stress and pressure. The piston, hydraulic oil and pressure are kept in the cylinder barrel.


Four Tie Rods on The Barrel

There are four tie rods installed on the tie-rod hydraulic cylinders. This is a distinct feature from the welded hydraulic cylinders. Four tie rods increase the stability and strength of cylinders and avoid the disintegrating of cylinders under pressure. This type of cylinders is easy to be assembled and removed.


The Port

The port allows the hydraulic oil to enter and exits the cylinder. There are two ports on double acting hydraulic cylinders while single acting hydraulic cylinders has only one port. It is a key component of a hydraulic cylinder for oil leaking problem.


The Base End

The base end closes the pressure chamber of a hydraulic cylinder. The mounting style of this part is various and can be customized according to the requirements of our customer.



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