What is the difference between tie rod hydraulic cylinder and welded hydraulic cylinder?

The cylinder is composed of five main components: piston, piston rod, tube, cylinder head and cylinder cap.

There are two main types of hydraulic cylinders: tie rod hydraulic cylinders and welded hydraulic cylinders. Do you know how to distinguish between tie rod cylinder and welded hydraulic cylinder?

The tie rod cylinder is fixed together by four or more threaded tension bolts, which run through the entire length of the cylinder tube. These bolts fasten the base plate and the head together.

The tie rod cylinder is easy to maintain, easy to assemble and disassemble. However, due to their larger design volume, they require more installation space than welded rod cylinders. Another advantage is that the tie rod cylinders are manufactured in accordance with NFPA standards and are interchangeable.
We recommend using tie rod hydraulic cylinders for heavy industrial manufacturing applications with lower pressure requirements.

The welded cylinder has the ends welded on. It restricts maintenance operations and makes it difficult for double-ended cylinders to load the cylinders with end cover loads. The tie rod cylinder avoids these shortcomings, but the manufacturing cost is slightly higher.

Welded hydraulic cylinders tends to be more complicated, but has several advantages:

1) The overall installation size is smaller than the tie rod cylinder;
2) The pressure can be correct than the tie rod cylinder;
3) Easier to customize, such as special oil ports, special installation methods, additional locking valves, etc.

Welded hydraulic cylinders are generally single-rod double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Construction machinery and equipment with high pressure requirements all use welded hydraulic cylinders, which are widely used in various machine tools in industrial machinery.

1) Adequate installation space, low pressure, short stroke, choose tie rod hydraulic cylinder;

2) The installation space is limited, the pressure is large, and the welded hydraulic cylinder is selected;

3) The use pressure is large and the working conditions are relatively bad. It may be necessary to replace the seals regularly and choose the tie rod hydraulic cylinder;

4) There are special requirements for the position of the oil port, or it is necessary to install a hydraulic lock or balance valve, etc., choose a welded hydraulic cylinder

  Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder Welded Hydraulic Cylinder
Material Choose  
Solid Structure  
Ease of Maintenance  
More Customized  
Limited Space  

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