What is Hydraulic Testing Machine?

Hydraulic Testing Machine is designed to test the ferrous materials for structural values such as yield strength and tensile strength. Apart from tensile tests, Aisoar Test Machines can also be used for compression tests up to the capacity of the machine. 

AISOAR hydraulics provide standard hydraulic testing machine and customized hydraulic testing machine to meet customers' specific requirements. The hydraulic testing machine is quite useful for the manufacture of hydraulic products or the supplier of hydraulic maintenance.

Aisoar Hydraulic Testing Machine is suitable for cylinder disassembly and cylinder performance and pressure testing of various engine loaders. It has the characteristics of convenient operation and reliability. It can also be used for disassembly and testing of cylinders with similar structures. It can be made according to customer requirements.


The hydraulic testing machine load frame is very strong and sturdy. With today's modern servo hydraulics, they have become very precise in terms of load and position control. These testing machines include a one-way or two-way piston to move the table and an additional top crosshead to apply force.

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