What is Hydraulic Cylinder Rod?


What is Hydraulic Cylinder Rod?

If you are well informed about your own hydraulic cylinder parts, you can detect problems and lay out solutions in a timely manner to save you time and money. What is hydraulic cylinder rod?

The hydraulic cylinder rod, a fundamental and critical component of every hydraulic cylinder, connected to the piston and cylinder head, is a moving part with frequent movement, constant friction and high technical requirements. It is not only the interface between the cylinder and machine, but also the object transferring the force generated by the piston. It is widely used in industrial machinery as the role of transferring torque and bearing load.


What are hydraulic cylinder rods made of ?

The hydraulic cylinder rod should be protected in other methods because it is the only external part without painting. The paint coating of hydraulic cylinder rod must be smooth to ensure the well working of cylinders. Therefore, the material of hydraulic cylinder rod is of great important. Hydraulic cylinder rod should be resistant to corrosion and wear because any cracks will scratch the seals and cause contamination of the hydraulic fluid leading to failure of hydraulic system. So, what is the hydraulic cylinder rod material? For its properties, it is usually made of hard chrome so that it can be polished well to ensure the safe seal without leaking. Various environments require different materials. In Aisoar Hydraulics, most hydraulic cylinder rods are made of hard chrome. While pursuing high quality, we will also ensure the safety of products during the usage. Rigid quality standards & control on raw materials are always implemented in AiSoar hydraulics.


What are the common problems of hydraulic cylinder rod ?

The biggest accident of any hydraulic cylinder is the seal or piston rod failure. There are some common problems of hydraulic cylinder rod as we had discussed in the previous blogs before, such as mismatched piston rod size, rod thread fracture, seal damage caused by rod scratch, corrosion of rod threads and mechanical damage. These problems will increase the cost definitely. For example, the higher frequency and cost of warranty claims, lower machine reliability, decreasing customer satisfaction and hence degraded loyalty to your brand.


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