How to Choose a Hydraulic Cylinder?

How to Choose a Hydraulic Cylinder?



Choosing a hydraulic cylinder is not an easy thing. The correct selection of a hydraulic cylinder needs to consider many factors affected by the intended application. For example, the application of hydraulic cylinder, types of hydraulic cylinder, mounting type, various sizes of a hydraulic cylinder, reliable and professional manufacturers and so on. Taking all these elements into consideration is essential to choose the required cylinder specifications to satisfy any given application.


Hydraulic Application

As for the application, you need to know where the cylinder is being used and how the cylinder will be used in. Hydraulic cylinder is a kind of utility product. They are not only used for lifting and jacking, but also for pulling, pressing and holding, so that they are applied in a variety of different industries. Knowing the application of a required cylinder to execute is your first important step towards choosing the right cylinder.


Types of Hydraulic Cylinder

According to the acting type, hydraulic cylinders are divided into double acting cylinders and single acting cylinders. Double acting cylinders are more used than single acting cylinders.

According to the cylinder or barrel type, they can be called tie rod hydraulic cylinder and welded hydraulic cylinder. Welded hydraulic cylinders are smaller than tie rod cylinders. But they are the same quality as the tie rod cylinder.


Mounting Type

The commonly options of mounting types could be basic mounting, flange mounting, foot mounting, clevis mounting and trunnion mounting. These mounting styles are chosen depending on the application of a hydraulic cylinder.

Several Size

When choosing a right hydraulic cylinder, it is vital to consider the size requirements for your applications. The bore size, rod size, port size and position, the stroke and so on. It’s just like customizing your clothes.

Manufacturer or Supplier 

Finding a reliable and professional manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders as your business partner will make your purchasing schedule get twice results with half effort. A good manufacturer will promise you with high quality cylinders and reliable service.



This blog is writing to help you know the considerations of choosing a right hydraulic cylinder. Besides, of course, there are more detailed factors need to be considered. After that, you could search for a reliable and professional hydraulic cylinder manufacturer like Aisoar Hydraulics to assist you in developing and execution a universal hydraulic strategy. If you have any questions about hydraulic cylinders, welcome to contact us.




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