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Electric Cylinder

Electric Cylinders Overview:

Electric cylinders, also known as electromechanical cylinders, are actuation devices that convert electrical energy into linear motion. They provide a clean, efficient, and precise alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, eliminating the need for fluid-based systems and the maintenance they require. They offer high accuracy and repeatability in positioning, which is crucial for tasks that require exact movement.Electric cylinders can be finely controlled for speed, acceleration, position, and force, making them highly adaptable for different operational requirements.These cylinders can deliver a wide range of forces, suitable for both light and heavy-duty applications.

Electric Cylinders Application:

Electric cylinders are pivotal in fields that demand exactitude, like precision agriculture for automated adjustments, automotive assembly lines for component positioning, and animatronics in entertainment for realistic movement. Their precision, reliability, and clean operation make them essential for specialized industry tasks.




Electric Cylinder Drawing

We can check the main sizes in below drawing

Data Table

Here we can see importants dimensional datas for electric cylinder

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We Always Use Good Quality Material For Our Electric Cylinders

Production Processes

How We Produce Electric Cylinders


Machined by turning and milling compound centers of Mazac and Dawei, the tolerance and accuracy of each parts will be good and stable.



Welded by automatic welding machines and mechanical arm, results our good welding quality.



Each parts of the cylinder, will be cleaned by Ultrasonic cleaner.





Various precision inspection equipment is applied in the quality control, so we have 100% detection capability and traceability.



1.The Salty Testing Machine test the chrome plated rod and to see the capacity for the anti-corrosion performance.

2.Making the 72 or 96 hours for the testing, we can make it longer according to customers special requirement.



1. Painting the undercoat, normally it takes one day to dry.

2. Painting the finish painting.

We have our own standard painting color, and thickness of painting is 40 microns.



Bubble bag + Wooden case(by default).


Our Factory

Our Factory

OEM Custom Service is Available

Customized Solutions for Your Hydraulic Needs

Custom Electric Cylinder

Elevate your machinery with our custom electric cylinders, designed to push the boundaries of precision and performance. Tailored to fit your unique application needs, our bespoke solutions guarantee unmatched accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials, our electric cylinders offer unparalleled control, from nuanced adjustments to robust operations. Whether you're tackling specialized industrial tasks, innovative automation challenges, or demanding environmental conditions, our team collaborates closely with you to engineer electric cylinders that not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

 With our custom solutions, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a partnership that drives success. Explore the limitless possibilities with our custom electric cylinders and transform your operations into a beacon of excellence.


OEM/ ODM Service

When it comes to custom electric cylinders, there are a variety of aspects that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. 

Stroke Length: Tailoring the extent of the piston's travel to suit the application's range of motion needs.
Force Capacity: Adjusting the force output to match the load requirements of the task, from very light to extremely heavy loads.
Speed: Modifying the speed at which the cylinder extends and retracts to align with the operational tempo of the application.
Mounting Options: Offering different mounting configurations to accommodate the spatial constraints and integration with existing systems.
Rod Ends: Providing various rod end attachments for diverse connection requirements or articulation needs.
Screw Type: Selecting between lead screws or ball screws depending on the required precision, load capacity, and efficiency.

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